The Restore team is composed of licensed counselors, licensed ministers, and certified life coaches.  Please read below for details on each provider.  



Cherri Ledbetter, M.A., LCSW

Cherri Ledbetter is a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Oklahoma with over eight years experience working in the mental health field. Cherri’s experience includes working within the therapeutic foster care system and state group home structure. Cherri also has extensive experience providing in-home counseling to children and adults. She received her master's degree in social work from the University of Oklahoma and has a prolific background and training in visual arts. Cherri maintains a strong presence within her local church, where she teaches Sunday school for teens and provides expertise to international outreach.

Cherri’s areas of specialization include chronic illness, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, emotional disturbance, behavioral issues, stress, self-esteem, coping skills, peer relationships and anger management. Her approach to therapy is collaborative; helping each individual achieve their desired goal within a nonjudgmental environment. Cherri accepts BC/BS. Her private pay rate is $150 for initial intake and then $130/session.

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Derrick Johnson, M.A., LPC

Derrick is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Oklahoma. He has experience in educational and clinical settings as well as Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). He holds a Bachelors degree in psychology and a minor in Social Work from Texas Christian University and a Masters in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma.

He specializes in working with adolescents and adults experiencing anxiety, depression, grief, loss and life transitions, as well as couples dealing with relational and communication difficulties. He works with older children experiencing anxiety and incorporates fun into his sessions. He fully supports people's religious faith and is welcoming in therapy as he offers a warm and empathetic personality and experience in professional counseling. Derrick does not accept insurance at this time. His current private pay rate is $100/session.

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Gina Dixon, M.Ed., LPC

Gina is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Oklahoma, with extensive experience in the public school and clinical settings. She holds a Bachelors in Education from the University of Oklahoma and a Masters in Education (School Counseling) from the University of Central Oklahoma. Gina specializes in mood disorders (including depression and anxiety), ADHD, stress, family and school issues, and marriage/premarital counseling. She incorporates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Family Dynamics, among other counseling techniques. She is a trained Prepare/Enrich facilitator for marriage counseling and is also certified to deal with psychological issues related to trauma. Gina accepts most insurances, including: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Healthchoice, Aetna, Aetna EAP, Cigna, WebTPA, ChampVA, Healthcare Highways, Tricare, FEI, and NPHO-Norman Physicians Health Organization. Her current private pay rate is $110/session.

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Jenny Meigs, M.S., LMFT

Jenny graduated from Southwestern Christian University in Bethany, OK with a Bachelors in Human and Family Services. In 2012, she obtained Master of Science in Counseling degree from Mid-America Christian University, in Oklahoma City, OK. Jenny has worked in the mental health field for 8 years and is a Licensed Marital and Family Therapist (LMFT). She has experience working with couples, therapeutic foster children and families, eating disordered patients in higher levels of care within individual and group settings, SMI adults, as well as individuals within the Anna McBride Mental Health Court system. Areas of interest include: shame/guilt, depression, anxiety, trauma, pre-marital counseling, relational and marital concerns, eating disorders, perfectionism, communication skills/assertiveness training, conflict management, and Christian counseling. She has completed Gottman Level 1 training for the Gottman Approved Member" target="_blank">Gottman Method Couples Therapy Certification and is a certified Prepare/Enrich facilitator. Jenny also assists clients in identifying their best-fit psychological type (temperament). The intended purpose is for the client to increase awareness of why they do what they do, identification of their core needs, how they interact, and what they need from others. Jenny educates clients on how the information they receive can be integrated and applied in various situations and relationships in their life. Jenny accepts many insurances, including: Healthchoice, NPHO- Norman Physicians Health Organization, WebTPA, and Tricare Standard

Her current private pay rate is $150 for initial intake session and then $130/session after that.

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Michael Lamke, M.S., LMFT

Michael is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and is available to counsel with individuals, couples and families. Michael and his family are recent additions to Norman and have a vibrant ministry with their church and to the OU campus. He has a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from Oklahoma Baptist University and a Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Past experience includes clinical work in non-profit and state-funded counseling centers.

He is a certified facilitator of LifePlan - life coaching ( also a certified facilitator of SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) pre-marital/marital coaching. His specialties are grief, anxiety, depression, trauma, life phase adjustment, marital and family relational issues, and men’s issues. Michael accepts insurance. Cigna, Aetna, WebTPA, HealthCare Highways, MultiPlan, Inc., and NPHO-Norman Physicians Health Organization.

His current private pay rate is $130/session.

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Bea Waller, M.Ed., LPC

Bea Waller is a National Certified Licensed Professional Counselor in Oklahoma with experience working as a mental health therapist and as a school counselor in elementary, middle school and high school. She is also a National Certified School Counselor with a Bachelor’s Degree and a Masters of Education from East Central University in Ada.

As founder, director and therapist at East Central University’s first mental health counseling center, Bea has extensive experience working with traditional and non-traditional college students. She is a Certified Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Response Professional (CDSVRP) who is also trauma certified .This certification has benefitted her as a volunteer counselor working with women who are survivors of trafficking. She had the privilege of working for 9 months as a sexual assault counselor at the Women’s Resource Center in Norman. Bea is trained in Question, Persuade, Refer suicide prevention, Psychological 1st Aid and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR).

Bea has completed Gottman Level 1 training for the Gottman Method Couples Therapy Certification.

Along with other counseling techniques, Bea primarily uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Choice Theory when working with clients. She specializes in anxiety, depression, codependence, sexual assault, domestic violence, trauma, adjustment disorders, grief and stress.

She accepts Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Health Choice.

Her current rates are $110/session for private pay and $130/session if using insurance.

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Cheryl Seymour, M.S.

Cheryl is a life coach and biblical counselor and a licensed ordained pastor in the state of Oklahoma. She received her master's degree in psychology from Pittsburg State University and has been providing pastoral care for 20 years in Oklahoma. She is a trained Prepare/Enrich facilitator, specializing in premarital and marriage counseling as well as family counseling. She provides individual counseling dealing with mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, using "renewing our thoughts" techniques, based on Romans 12:1.
Cheryl also specializes in grief counseling for individuals of all ages.

Cheryl is a Nationally Certified Life Coach through the American Association of Christian Counselors. Where counseling deals with pain of the past, life coaching works towards the future, doing things differently and getting different results. She specializes in spiritual life coaching, pre-marriage and marriage life coaching, relationship coaching, and life purpose coaching. Cheryl does not accept insurance. Her current private pay rate is $65/session.

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Kelly Lashar, M.A.

Kelly is a biblical counselor and licensed ordained minister in the State of Oklahoma. She has a Masters in Christian Education from Dallas Theological Seminary and served on staff at Summit Church as Care & Discipleship Pastor. She is in the Masters of Counseling Psychology program at Southern Nazarene University and completed her internship at the Counseling Center of Oklahoma City University. She is currently working on her thesis researching empathy, aggression, and attachment in adolescent girls.

With years of experience in ministry and pastoral care, Kelly places high value on the client and finds it a great honor to be a safe place for others. She is experienced in working with adolescents and emerging adults challenged with peer relationships, anxiety, depression, stress, emotion regulation, comparison, and low self esteem. She excels in helping marriages "stuck" in unhealthy patterns of communication and conflict and also those recovering from infidelity or other deep wounds to their relationship. Kelly has completed Gottman Level 1 training for the Gottman Method Couples Therapy Certification and is a certified Prepare/Enrich facilitator.

Kelly is psychodynamic in her approach to counseling and helps clients develop insight into their own internal conflicts, emotional development, and defenses. People are deeply affected by past experiences, trauma, and relationships and these influence current emotions and patterns of thought. In addition to guiding toward insight, Kelly helps provide clients with effective tools for coping with current stressors, including incorporating mindfulness activities. If you are seeking Christian counseling, Kelly integrates sound biblical theology with her psychology training.

Kelly does not accept insurance. Her current private pay rate is $80/session.

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Julie Young, M.Ed.

Do you ever feel stuck? Relationships, work, kids, stress…you’d like to make some changes, but you just can’t seem to get there? That is a great time to get a Life Coach! My job is to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. Our sessions will be a time to focus on you, to brainstorm our way to the very best version of you. Life Coaching looks forward and creates new destinations that you can be excited about. Together we will develop a plan to move you toward your goals. I have experience helping both adolescents and adults with love and personal relationships, stress management, anxiety, depression, marriage/premarital concerns, anger, all types of communication issues, grief, parenting, and more.

Get unstuck, embrace positive changes and begin to thrive and succeed in life.

Julie is an Ordained minister in the state of Oklahoma. She has years of experience as a Corporate Chaplain serving the Oklahoma City metro. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theology and a Masters in Education. Julie is a Certified Biblical Counselor, a Nationally Certified Life Coach (through the American Association of Christian Counselors), a Prepare-Enrich Facilitator, and an Oklahoma State Certified Mediator. She holds an additional James C. Dobson Life Coach Specialist designation recognized as a Board Certified Marriage and Family Life Coach. She offers both faith and non-faith based options in a calm, friendly, and comfortable atmosphere in order to counsel, encourage, and support.

As a client, you will receive her very best in bringing you encouragement, practical advice, and customized strategies for living life as the very best you. Julie’s current rate for private pay is $80.

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Kayla Myers

Kayla earned her B.A. in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Oklahoma and will complete her Masters Of Human Relations in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in May 2019. She is a certified Enneagram coach and serves as our counseling intern, working toward her LPC. She has a deep passion for holistic (mind, body and spirit) healing and seeks to provide a safe place with unconditional love and encouragement. She has gained valuable experience working with various care organizations in the United States and abroad.

Kayla enjoys working with women: adolescents, college, adult... ALL women because she believes there is something powerful when you tap into your identity and purpose as a woman. She wants to help you develop a wholehearted life, even as you travel through different seasons, including difficult transitions, relationship difficulties, and feelings of shame and diminished self-worth.

Kayla's services are intentional, vulnerable, creative and real. Her clients learn how to grow in the valleys of life and develop deep self-awareness, which is one of the most powerful tools an individual can hold. Her practice is based off both the work of the Enneagram Curriculum by Beth McCord and the curriculum from the Daring Way model by Brene Brown.

She hopes to help you shed light on the dark places in your life as well as find the masks of your personality that have been hindering authentic connection. You will dive into your identity and begin to come back to your center, the person you were made to be. You will learn that you are worthy, beautiful and deserve to belong by just being entirely yourself.

Kayla's rate for counseling as an intern is $30/hour. Her Enneagram coaching fee is $45/hour.

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How do I know if a therapist is right for me?

  • Does it seem like the therapist truly cares about you and your problems?

  • Do you feel as if the therapist understands you?

  • Does the therapist accept you for who you are?

  • Would you feel comfortable revealing personal information to this individual?

  • Do you feel as if you can be honest and open with this therapist? That you don’t have to hide or pretend you’re someone that you’re not?

  • Is the therapist a good listener? Does he or she listen without interrupting, criticizing, or judging? Pick up on your feelings and what you’re really saying? Make you feel heard?