kayla meyers restore behavioral health

Kayla’s specialties include:

  • Enneagram coaching

  • Christian counseling

  • Women’s issues

  • Self awareness

  • Connection

  • Shame

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Holistic healing (mind, body, spirit)

  • Adolescents, college, young adult

  • Females and couples

As a certified Enneagram coach, her fee is $80. Most enneagram sessions are 1.5 hours. Standard sessions are 50 minutes.

At her discretion, her rates for services may vary.

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Kayla Myers Enneagram

Certified Enneagram Coach

Kayla is trained and certified to coach you through your unique Enneagram type. She also coaches couples, families, and groups (including churches and companies) through this program.

What is the Enneagram?
The Enneagram (Ennea=9, Gram=Diagram) is simply a map (GPS) for self-discovery and personal growth based on 9 basic personality types.

The Enneagram accurately and clearly describes why you think, feel and behave in particular ways based upon your core fears and core desires.

The power of the Enneagram is in its ability to harness and transform self-limiting behaviors into life-enhancing personal empowerment.

The gift of the Enneagram is that through self-discovery, one can create and sustain meaningful and lasting relationships with others, God and themselves.