Debra Conley

Children ages 5-18 years old, Counseling and Testing

Debra Conley, M.A., LPC-S, is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified School Psychologist in the State of Oklahoma. She received a Bachelors in Education from Central University of Washington, in Washington state, and a Masters of Arts with course work in Marriage and Family Therapies from Southern Nazarene University in Oklahoma. 

Debra has extensive experience in the public school settings as a School Psychologist where she assessed and counseled elementary and secondary school students in order to address specific learning difficulties and behavioral issues. Her background includes collaboration with teachers, parents, and school personnel to help provide the needed assistance in determination of academic and behavioral support and interventions. 

Debra has a wide range of knowledge in the clinical setting as well as she works with individuals and families seeking change in their lives, desiring to find hope, healing, and restoration. She is recognized as LPC Supervisor to those counselors who are pursuing LPC licensure. She integrates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Therapies, and various other counseling techniques to assist individuals and families to reach their desired life goals. 


Debra is qualified to work with all populations and issues. Her treatment specialties include:

  • Psycho-educational assessments (cognitive and academic) 

  • Behavioral assessments 

  • Anxiety 

  • Depression 

  • ADHD 

  • Stress 

  • Family/Peer relationships 

  • Coping Skills 

  • School Issues 

Testing and Assessment for 5-18 year olds

Parents, teachers, and physicians will often recognize delays or concerns that may require professional testing, assessment, and counseling. As a certified School Psychologist, Debra specializes in working with children to identify issues affecting personal, educational, and social performance. She will have an initial session with the child and parent/guardian, then determine best course of action. Debra is able to provide complete reports which can be utilized by schools (for IEPs and/or 504 Plans) and physicians (for medication or further medical testing).

Assessments Debra utilizes include, but are not limited to:

  • BASC-3: Provides a complete picture of a child's or adolescent’s behavior and emotions. It analyzes a child’s behavior from three perspectives: self, teacher, and parent.

  • The Conners Comprehensive Behavior Rating Scales (Conners CBRS): Designed to provide a complete overview of child and adolescent concerns and disorders. The Conners also analyzes a child’s behavior from three perspectives: self, teacher, and parent.

  • Test of Nonverbal Intelligence (TONI-4) is a language-free test, for evaluating those with questionable or limited language ability.

  • Children's Depression Inventory 2- is a brief self-report test that helps assess cognitive, affective and behavioral signs of depression in children and adolescents

  • Beery VMI- Screens for visual-motor deficits that can lead to learning, behavior and neuropsychological problems.

Debra accepts most major private insurances and will accept SoonerCare on a limited basis.

Her current private pay rate is $150 for initial intake session and $130/50 minute session. Rates for assessment will vary depending on scope of the testing and preparation of reports.

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