Kayla Myers, MA is a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate (LPC-C) and Certified Enneagram Coach. She has a Master’s in Human Relations with a concentration in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Oklahoma. She is currently working toward her counseling licensure.

Kayla has gained valuable experience working with various care organizations within the United States and overseas. She has a deep passion for holistic health (mind, body and spirit) and seeks to provide a safe space for her clients with unconditional support and encouragement. She enjoys working with adolescents (13 and up), college students, and emerging adults and believes within each of these seasons having a safe space to process and work through some of life’s trials is important to living a wholehearted, self-aware life. This could include depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, hard transitions, feelings of shame/diminished self-worth, and personality disorders.

As a certified Enneagram coach, she can assist you in finding your Enneagram number and guiding you through ways to understand your personality on a deeper level. Each Enneagram session focuses on an element of your specific personality and how it relates to your struggles, life story, and relationships. The Enneagram is a tool that helps individuals navigate persistent patterns in their personality and ultimately learn how to grow into the person you were made to be.

Kayla’s services are intentional, vulnerable, creative, and real. She hopes to walk alongside her clients as they grow in the valleys of life and develop a deeper self-awareness of both themselves and others. Her approach to counseling incorporates practical tools for coping skills from both Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy modalities as well as principles from the Enneagram Institute.

Kayla’s specialties include:

  • Enneagram coaching

  • Christian counseling

  • Women’s issues

  • Self awareness

  • Connection

  • Shame

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Holistic healing (mind, body, spirit)

  • Adolescents, college, young adult

  • Females and couples

Kayla currently does not accept insurance. Her private pay rates are $50/1 hour counseling sessions and $80/1.5 hour Enneagram sessions

At her discretion, her rates for services may vary.

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Kayla Myers Enneagram

Certified Enneagram Coach

Kayla is trained and certified to coach you through your unique Enneagram type. She also coaches couples, families, and groups (including churches and companies) through this program.

What is the Enneagram?
The Enneagram (Ennea=9, Gram=Diagram) is simply a map (GPS) for self-discovery and personal growth based on 9 basic personality types.

The Enneagram accurately and clearly describes why you think, feel and behave in particular ways based upon your core fears and core desires.

The power of the Enneagram is in its ability to harness and transform self-limiting behaviors into life-enhancing personal empowerment.

The gift of the Enneagram is that through self-discovery, one can create and sustain meaningful and lasting relationships with others, God and themselves.