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The Restore Kids Licensed Therapists

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Restore Kids Supervised Master Level Interns

Ime and kristen- fall interns

Ime and kristen- fall interns

Restore is a training facility for master level interns studying Clinical Mental Health at the University of Oklahoma. Ime and Kristen are serving as our interns this fall. Utilizing interns helps us provide quality services at greatly reduced prices. Standard rate for sessions with our interns is $25/session, but this rate can be adjusted on a case-by-case basis. To schedule with an intern, click here.

You can schedule with our therapists for children by calling 405.310.3262 or click to schedule online.

Restore is supervising facility for graduate students at OU majoring in mental health related fields (Clinical Mental Health, Social Work, and Counseling Psychology). This allows us to offer counseling at reduced rates, as clients receive therapy from a counselor in training. To request a session with an intern, please call 405.310.3262.