A Safe Place to Find Hope and Healing


Faith and non-faith based counseling for mental health, interpersonal conflict, and other presenting life issues.



restore behavioral health norman

Do you have pain related to internal battles, past experiences, current life situations, or difficult relationships?  Counseling can help guide you through a wide array of issues including, anxiety, depression, disordered eating, sexual issues, broken relationships, addictions, and more.  


restore behavioral health norman

Do you want to find freedom from brokenness and shame? Counseling teaches new coping skills for you to start new patterns of thought and behavior.  Real internal change is possible when you discuss heart issues and habits in a safe environment.


restore behavioral health norman

Do you want to develop new thoughts, habits, and relationships?Counseling seeks to bring internal change through various assessments and techniques.  This internal change can lead to recognizable external change, even if life circumstances remain.   


"We believe you already have inside of you the ability to make the real change you desire.  Our goal is to point you in the direction of healing by encouraging you to gain insight and the tools needed to make lasting life change.”